Manchester United’s Highest Goal Scorers Of All Time

Manchester United has been one of the finest and most decorated teams in football history we have seen so far.

They are considered among the top contenders in every league of the football world.

The team has given us so many legends that we can never forget.

To remember the best strikers of Machester United, we have created this article about the top 10 all-time highest goalscorers of Manchester United.

10. Paul Scholes

155 Goals

Paul Scholes is a professional English former player who played as a midfielder.

Now hecoaches the English football team and is also the co-owner of Salford City.

Paul’s entire gaming career was spent while playing for Manchester United.

Regarding his playing style, Paul is the best midfielder of his generation.

He is also considered as one of the greatest players of Manchester of all time.

Paul Scholes has made about 718 appearances which made him the third player to have the highest appearance for Manchester united.

He scored 155 goals while playing for Manchester United which makes Paul the tenth player to score high goals for Manchester United.

9. Mark Hughes

163 Goals

Leslie Mark Hughes is a professional former player of welsh and now he also manages the Welsh football team.

He plays as a forward and sometimes he usually operated as a midfielder.

He was considered to be one of the best in the history of the sport.

Hughes scored a total of 163 goals in his gaming career with Manchester United which puts him ninth in the list of all-time goal scorers of Manchester United.

8. Ryan Giggs

168 Goals

Ryan Giggs’s full name is Ryan Joseph Giggs, he was a professional former footballer and football coach of the Welsh football team.

He is regarded as the charming star of his generation and considered the best in the history of football.

Ryan Giggs spent his whole gaming career playing for Manchester United.

Now Giggs manages the Welsh national team and is also co-owner of Salford City.

Ryan is the first player of Manchester United who has scored 100 premier league goals.

While playing for Manchester United, Giggs scored 168 goals as a player for the club and became the eighth all-time top goalscorer player of Manchester United.

7. Joe Spence

168 Goals

Joseph Waters Spence, also famous as Joe Spence, was a professional English footballer. He played as a forward.

He spent a long time playing for Manchester United.

He was purchased in march 1919 from Scotswood.

Spence was regarded as the best player in the history of the sport.

While playing for Manchester he set many club records.

He scored a total of 168 goals in 510 appearances and both of these were club records at the time of his retirement, which was later overtaken by Jack Rowley.

6. George Best

179 Goals

George Best was a professional Northern Irish footballer who played as a winger.

George is mainly known because of spending most of his gaming career at Manchester united.

George Best is considered to be the most skilled dribbler, he was one of the best footballers of his generation and in the history of the sport.

He had spent a lot of time at Manchester United, at the age of 15 he joined Manchester and while playing for United he has scored 178 goals in 466 appearances, which brings him to the sixth number in the list of all-time top goal scorers of Manchester United.

5. Dennis viollet

179 Goals

Dennis Viollet’s full name is Dennis Sydney viollet. He was a professional English footballer who played as an inside forward.

Viollet joined Manchester United in 1949 in the junior ranks and in 1950 finally, he turned professional.

He was recognized as the best player during his career.

During his gaming career in Manchester United, he scored 179 goals in a total of 293 appearances and became fifth in the list of highest goal scorer players of Manchester United.

In the club, He made a record on his name by scoring 32 goals in 36 matches.

4. Jack Rowley

211 Goals

Jack Rowley’s full name is John Fedrick Rowley. He was a professional English footballer who played as a forward.

He is described as the best player of Manchester United.

Rowley spent 17 years playing with Manchester United due to which he was very widely famous and remembered.

He joined the club in 1937 and after spending a great time he left the club in 1954.

Rowley is one among those four footballers only who had scored more than 200 goals for Manchester United.

During the 17 years of his gaming career with United, he scored 211 goals with an appearance in 424 matches.

3. Denis law

237 Goals

Denis Law, one of the greatest players in the history of the sport, is a former Scottish professional footballer who played as a forward.

In 1956, Denis started his gaming career at second division Huddersfield town.

After there he joined Manchester City and in 1962 he was signed to Manchester United.

Law spent 11 years playing for Manchester United and during this gaming career, he scored a total of 237 goals in a total of 404 appearances.

After these 237 goals, Denis law became the third most goal scorer of all time in the club’s history.

2. Sir Bobby Charlton

249 Goals

Sir Bobby Charlton is also known by Robert Charlton which is his real name.

Robert Charlton is considered one of the greatest players in the history of the sport.

He is a former English professional footballer, He played as a midfielder.

Charlton played for Manchester for about the whole part of his football career.

His gaming career in Manchester United was from 1956-1973, and during this time he had scored about 249 goals which made him the second top goal scorer player of Manchester United.

1. Wayne Rooney

253 Goals

His full name is Wayne Mark Rooney, he is a professional English footballer, he plays as a forward player but in various matches, he was used as a midfielder.

Now he is a former player and professional English football manager.

Wayne Rooney is widely considered one of the best footballers of his time.

He is on the top of the list of highest goal scorer players of Manchester United and also of the national English team.

He played for Manchester United from 2004-17, and during his gaming career, he scored 253 goals in all competitions and became the top goal scorer of Manchester United.


So these are the all-time highest goal scorers in the history of Manchester United who has amazed us with their supreme talent and skills.

We never want to ignore or disrespect the players who haven’t been able to make their name on the list.

Every player has their specialty and uniqueness.

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