Cristiano Ronaldo’s Best Fights And Angry Moments

Cristiano Ronaldo has surely become a football sensation in the previous years and is surely it.

He has showcased some inhuman actions and skills on the ground with or without the ball.

We all know that he is probably the best forward striker in the football industry and it seems quite hard for the other players to match him.

The Portuguese icon holds a total number of 33 trophies and has scored more than 740 goals in his football career overtaking the Argentine legend Leo Messi to become the leading goal scorer in the history of football.

Ronaldo spent an enjoyable and fame gaining a long career with the top contending club of La Liga and UEFA championship, Real Madrid, and is currently playing from the Juventus lineup.

We all love Cristiano Ronaldo for his humbleness and friendly nature in the field and he has been admired a lot for his behavior but everyone has bad times.

Sometimes, we have also seen the dark side of Cristiano Ronaldo when he has been involved in fights and arguments.

The great striker has surely lost his temper some times that have cost him yellow cards, red cards, or even suspension from the field.

In this article, we will be looking through the top fights and angry moments of our favorite football star Cristiano Ronaldo. We have ranked the moments according to their intensity and result.

If we miss out on any of your favorite moments, we have apologies for it.

6. Ronaldo punches off Angel Crespo

Surely it had to be a horrible game for Cristiano Ronaldo and all his supporters as everyone witnessed the brutal and dark side of the iconic Portuguese player.

Real Madrid came head to head with Aston villa where they got a controversial 2-1 victory.

In the match, Ronaldo showed a very poor character with the opponents as he first kicked Edimar from behind recklessly and followed with a slap on his face.

This created a fierce intensity on the field but was somehow managed by the referee.

Just moments after, Ronaldo seemed to land a right-hook (punch) on the Aston Villa defender Jose Angel who was marking him at the corner.

The fight followed as Ronaldo missed a goal-scoring opportunity and the two players seemed to be involved in a physical fight.

For this inappropriate behavior, Ronaldo was given a red card which he accepted.

After the game, Ronaldo sent apologies to every player of Aston villa for his thoughtless acts in the game.

5. Ronaldo intense fight against Koke

The fans witnessed a harsh controversy when Real Madrid came head to head with Atletico Madrid.

Real Madrid was right at the top of the table and was in their peak form.

Right at the start of the match, Koke said something harsh to Ronaldo which created a fierce confrontation between the two stars but the moment was handled quite wisely by the referee who showed a yellow card to both.

Within 14 minutes of getting the yellow card, Ronaldo scored two heroic goals and put Atletico Madrid right at the back foot.

Ronaldo scored the third goal with a stunning run to Gareth Bale’s pass and celebrated it in a quite aggressive way.

According to the source, Ronaldo replied to Koke in the same abusing way that created intensity in the game again.

4. Ronaldo’s angry moments with Andre Iturraspe

On Feb 2, Real Madrid came head to head with their La Liga rivals Athletic Bilbao in which Ronaldo faced an unfortunate red card for shoving to the face of Bilbao captain Carlos Gurpegui.

When Gurpegui was hit by Ronaldo, unintentionally, Ronaldo reacted initially and then appeared to flap a hand at Bilbao’s player Ander Iturraspe in the 75th minute of the game.

Ander Iturraspe reacted inappropriately and the fans witnessed a short but intense fight between the two star players.

At last, Ronaldo was given a red card at which he laughed in a sarcastic manner.

3. Ronaldo controversy against Gonzalo Higuain

It was the match between AC Milan and Juventus where we got to see a heavy clash between the former Real Madrid member Cristiano Ronaldo and Gonzalo Higuain.

It was a match to forget for Higuain as he missed a scoring penalty and faced two yellow cards in the same.

The second card was for his dissent towards the match referee Paulo Mazzoleni for which he was very discontented.

When Ronaldo came to usher him away from the match official, he screamed at his former teammate pushing him away which created a chaotic and unpleasant scene on the ground.

2. Ronaldo sent off the ground against Valencia

It was the time when Juventus came head to head with Valencia in the match of Champions League where Ronaldo was making his debut for his new team Juventus.

Unfortunately, in the 29th minute of the match, Ronaldo was given a red card for pulling on Jeison Murilo’s hair which was probably not worth giving a red card.

Ronaldo was pissed off with the referee’s decision and argued with the referee.

However, the decision did not turn and he had to leave the ground in tears.

1. Ronaldo’s red card against Malaga

On the very first rank on the list of Ronaldo’s top fights and angry moments, we are listing Ronaldo’s red card against Malaga in the Premier Division match.

The Real Madrid winger got a red card straight forward after hitting the Denmark Defender Patrick Mtiliga on the face with his elbow that broke the nose of Mtiliga.

Before getting the red card and a two-match suspension, the Portuguese player had already scored two goals that were the difference between the victory and loss between the two sides.

In the 70th minute of the game, Ronaldo unintentionally swung his elbow which hit Mtiliga’s nose and ended up breaking it up.

It was the second Ronaldo had been sent off the court in that season.

We saw an angry Ronaldo who was certainly upset with the referee’s decision but apologized to Mtiliga before leaving the ground.