5 Best Bicycle Kick Goals in Football

As we all know, football is a game of unlimited action, agility, and drama and these are the well-trained professional players that make it so interesting and one of the most followed sports in the world.

We have witnessed some great things and sort of action like unstoppable headers, unpredictable sprints, great counter-attacks, and team determination.

Similarly, bicycle kicks are something that catches the eye of the fans and are quite hard for the players to execute. In this article, we have come up with the top 5 Bicycle kick goals in the history of football.

Please note that there is no certain order to rank the goals and we are really sorry if we have missed your favorite bicycle goals.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo’s unnatural goal against Juventus

The world witnessed some inhuman sort of action when the Spanish giants came head to head with Juventus.

It was a match to watch out for as Cristiano Ronaldo once again proved why he is the best in the business.

The Portuguese star scored his second goal for the match in some unforgettable style.

Ronaldo jumped to some unnatural height and then flew acrobatically firing the ball into the net of the opposition scoring a tremendous goal with a bicycle kick.

It was moments before the Juventus fans witnessed another showcase of great skill with the appreciable goal of Zidane’s team but the match was still remembered for the tremendous sort of skill from none other than Cristiano Ronaldo.

After the match at the press conference, the team coach said” it is simply inhuman, everyone who was there at the game was literally shocked and they definitely should have to be.

Cristiano Ronaldo Bicycle Kick

There are a lot of gossips that Ronaldo is getting older now but I don’t think there is anything wrong with it if he can do something like that with that body at the age of 36”

2. Gareth Bale’s one of the greatest European bicycle kick goal

Gareth Bale was in the spotlight again when he scored one of the greatest European goals Vs Liverpool.

It was May 2017 when Real Madrid faced Liverpool in the finals of the uefa champion league and it was Gareth Bale who executed a perfect overhead kick to help his team get the lead of 2-1 on the 64th minute of the game.

Bale was not in the starting lineup but when he came off the bench, he proved that he is a real asset for the team.

Running through the midfield, Bale received a looping cross from his team member Marcelo and the whole crowd witnessed a flying Bale converting that looping cross into a perfect bicycle kick firing the ball into the net.

 The match started and Liverpool missed their top scorer Mohamed Salah right midway through the first half. Liverpool faced a tremendous sort of shock when Real Madrid scored their first of the match right in the 6th minute of the game.

Gareth Bale Bicycle Kick

However, Liverpool managed to equalize that score with the score of Sadio Mane but Bale’s tremendous bicycle kick was the defining moment of the game and left no chances for Liverpool to come back in the game.

3. Wayne Rooney overhead kick goal Vs Manchester City

It was now Wayne Rooney who shocked the world with his excellent bicycle kick against Manchester city in the year 2011 when Manchester united came head to head with Manchester City.

Rooney showed a total class and scored a match-winning overhead kick or better-called Bicycle kick that helped Manchester united not only to win that game at Old Trafford but to win their 19th league title.

Rooney has served mostly as a busy and involving midfielder for the teams he played for, mostly Manchester united.

Wayne Rooney Bicycle Kick

In the game, however, Rooney was not having a great day but in the second half, he got a perfect deflection from Nani’s cross which somewhat slowed the speed of the ball giving the outstanding midfielder some time to adjust himself and make a perfect position to execute that superhuman bicycle kick.

Wayne Rooney admitted that it was the best goal of his career when he sat along for an interview with sky sports.

4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic stunning bicycle kick goal Vs England

The whole world saw magic when Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored a 30-yard unexpected overhead kick to shock the opponents and the spectators.

It was the 14th of November when Sweden played England in a friendly match at the inauguration of a new stadium.

The match was going quite in favor of England with a 2-1 lead over Sweden but in the 84th minute of the game, Sweden somehow managed to equalize the scores.

It was a great game going on but the crowd still had to witness something unexpected there.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic made a run with the ball and due to some miscalculation England goalkeeper Joe Hart decided to step out of his line with the intention to clear the ball but was unsuccessful and Zlatan was able to execute a 30-yard bicycle kick.

5. Philippe Mexes insane bicycle kick goal

Not so long after Ibrahimovic entertained the world with his 30-yard bicycle kick, it was Philippe Mexes who might have watched that performance and said that he could do it better.

The game was going good and Mexes received a perfect cross from a free-kick, he took the ball on his chest and then volleyed that over his head and converted that into a perfect overhead kick firing the ball in the net before the keeper would have realized what had happened.

Mexes Bicycle Kick


We have mentioned the top 5 bicycle kicks that we have chosen for you. We understand that we may miss some of your favorite moments and overhead kicks and we are working to bring the best to you.

Bicycle kick has been an art in the game of football right from its start and has been carried by the stars costing a lot of practice and lessons. A number of sport-persons say that this is one of the toughest shots to play on the ground but it is the determination of the players that makes them do so.