5 People Who Helped Cristiano Ronaldo In His Tough Times

We all know what Cristiano Ronaldo is capable of doing on the field with football but who were the people who helped Cristiano Ronaldo be what he is now?

Cristiano Ronaldo has made his name one of the greatest soccer players the Football industry ever had.

As we all know football is only about real talent and skills, this is what made a small poor boy Ronaldo be one of the most famous personalities in the industry.

Several people have contributed to the success of Ronaldo where some of them were right from the start.

In this article, we will be going through a brief introduction about the people who helped Cristiano Ronaldo in his tough times.

This list is created by our deep research and is accurate with the stats.

We may miss some persons that you can think of as the biggest reasons behind Ronaldo’s great achievements.

The following mentioned are the people who helped one of the greatest Portuguese to reach the peak in the business with over 700 career goals and 34+ titles.

5. Ricardo Regufe (Best Friend Of Ronaldo)

4. Fabio Ferreira (Old Friend Of Ronaldo)

Another person on the list of people who helped Cristiano Ronaldo to reach his stardom was Fabio Ferreira.

He was Ronaldo’s schoolmate and his former teammate at sports.

Ferreira played as the center forward for the team and Cristiano was on his back.

The two amazing players had enjoyed a very good sports career together till Ferreira had to face a serious knee injury ruling him out of his football career.

Ronaldo shared some great moments with his friend and says that Ferreira played a great role in building me up and fueling me to achieve what I have now.

3. Albert Fantrau (Old Friend Of Ronaldo)

Ronaldo is currently the best player in the football industry but we could not have witnessed the great skills and action from the Portuguese icon if one man had changed his mind.

Yes, Ronaldo himself admits him as grateful to his childhood friend who put his career at stake to give Ronaldo a spot.

Albert Fantrau is a childhood friend of Cristiano Ronaldo who sacrificed his career to give Ronaldo a better future.

Albert and Ronaldo played for the same team in the U-18 championship.

Once, a scouting team visited the team and announced that they had a place in their team for whoever scored more goals in the match.

In the match, Ronaldo’s team won the match 3-0.

Ronaldo scored the first goal in the match and following him Albert scored the second one.

At the time of the third goal, Albert had a one-on-one with the goalkeeper and Ronaldo running by him.

Ronaldo says,” Albert could have easily beaten the goalkeeper and scored the goal but he did not. He passed the ball to me to score the goal, and I did”.

When Ronaldo asked him the reason why he did not score the goal, Albert said that Ronaldo was a better player for him.

Talking of Ronaldo, he is paying his friend back in every way he can.

Ronaldo always admires Albert and takes care of him and his family.

He makes sure that his friend’s sacrifice doesn’t go in vain.

2. Maria Dolores (Ronaldo’s Mother)

Of the very few people who helped Cristiano Ronaldo in the making of his career, his mother surely comes first.

We all know the role of a mother in breeding her son and making him a capable person.

Ronaldo’s mother Maria Dolores Dos Santos has been one of the most important persons in Cristiano’s life.

Being a mother, she had been taking care of Ronaldo from his birth when he had nothing.

His father was not from a well-rich family and he had worked very hard to feed his family.

In all these chaotic situations, Ronaldo’s mother Maria took care of all the children in the house and raised them perfectly.

She was the one who suggested Ronaldo choose the football career.

She took care of all economical and personal issues of Ronaldo and gave him the best suggestions.

In an interview she says, I did not allow Cristiano to blindly spend the money on unnecessary things as I knew how important it was for his career.

In an interview, Ronaldo admitted that her mother Maria Dolores Dos Santos is the biggest contributor to his life’s success.

Ronaldo never lets her mother be away from him and that’s why he owns her a private jet so she can fly to wherever his son plays.

1. Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson was one of the biggest reasons why Ronaldo is currently at the top of the business.

Alex was the coach of Manchester United where he met the young Cristiano Ronaldo.

He was the one who noticed the god-gifted talent in the boy and that goal-achieving fire in his eyes.

Ferguson admired Ronaldo a lot and helped him improve his game both On and Off the field.

Alex Ferguson served Manchester United from 1986 to 2013 and helped the team get many great achievements.

He is the highest title holding manager in the history of football and is surely one of the greatest managers in the history of football.

He was also a very good forward player when he played for Dunfermline Athletic and Rangers.

The start of a well-known career for Alex was in the 1965-66 Scottish league.

In that season, he was awarded the top goal scorer for his team Dunfermline Athletic.

Talking of Alex Ferguson’s contribution in building Ronaldo from a skinny boy to a goal-scoring machine is unpayable.

Both legends met at the Manchester United campaign when Ronaldo made his first debut in international football.

Ronaldo has mentioned several times how Alex helped him many times in difficult situations.

Ronaldo says that it was Alex Ferguson who gave Ronaldo the right motivation to reach where he is right now.

In an interview, Ronaldo shared about his personal relationship with Alex Ferguson.

When Ronaldo’s father was in a critical situation and hanging between death and life, Alex allowed Ronaldo to see his father in the hospital, in the middle of the season.

Alex also came to give a visit to Ronaldo’s father. Ronaldo says that Alex is like a football father to him and he would always admire his “BOSS”.

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